Friday, 13 February 2015

pls do a very relaxing and friendly trailer for fnaf 1 and 2


So this blog has been up for a while but only marcus and i have actually posted Trailers and movies.Can you guys try to post a trailer / movie .just try your best la not compulsory but greatly appreciated if you post ur trailer so...just try ur best thanks -alex


SO you may know that the website is called can all of you guys comment down below what i should change it to cause to me it seems a bit weird Thanks 

read pls

HI GUYS hope you having a nice day pls help me by commenting down below what i should make and after every trailer i post tell your family and friends about me and tell me who you want to add to this blog from s1-01 too

Thursday, 12 February 2015


Hope you guys will enjoy this

jurassic world troll trailer

hope you enjoy
 jurrasic world trailer link

Movie Voting

Hi again guys,

Regarding the movie voting survey, you may want to go to the relevant cinemas' website to watch the trailers. 
However, if you would want a ORIGINAL S1-01 PRODUCTION, please kindly wait for Alex to create trailers for them.

Watch this spot!!!

Yours Sincerely
Justin Ng 

Slenderman (not scary) S1-01 productions

toby games
 hope you enjoy ignore the other one
thanks jurrasic world is inspired for tomorrow

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

My trailer (1)

Sup! Here's my first trailer! POKEMON EPISODE 52,53


The other person is my other account used to create the blog but I will use a mix of both accounts


If anyone of you wants to post your own trailers feel free to do so. this is a public blog that i made so that the whole class of s1-01 would enjoy making trailers and posting them for all to see    so, pls go ahead and post all the trailers here. i will do my best to post 1 trailer a day. and pls tell me ideas for my next trailers because i am running out of ideas


Hope you guys enjoy again once more

markipliers channel.(

FNAF (markiplier)

hope you guys enjoyed this trailer 

Markliplier channel

trailer big buck bunny

My first edited trailer how you enjoy